Strange Loop Promo has been operating in the US since 2014 and is currently the only US firm that provides a full complement of radio promotion services, including
Commercial Radio, Alternative Specialty, Non-Comm, and College Radio


(NEW YORK, NY) – Strange Loop Promo is pleased to announce the launch of a new division aimed at promoting their client’s projects to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The new streaming division is an expansion Strange Loop’s existing business where they are one of North America’s leaders in Terrestrial and Satellite radio promotion with current projects including Johnny Marr, Metric, Black Pistol Fire, and Nick Cave.

Strange Loop Promo team list:

Gary McDonald – Commercial Alternative / Managing Partner
Geoff Goddard – GM / Managing Partner
Jerry Steller – Alt Specialty
Zach Glavan – Non-Comm / College Radio (US & Canada)
Jesse Stensby – College Radio (US)
Wayne DeSchover – Data and Airplay Analyst

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We can help you build a successful North American radio strategy from the ground up. From a single artist to your entire roster.


We take a unique phase-driven approach to building an artist’s career at this powerful national format.


Made up of ‘Specialty’ (new music) shows on Commercial Alternative stations, this is often a great place to test drive a song before going after the Commercial format.


The building blocks for any successful Alternative artist. Our College team is the best in the business.


A national album driven format, Non-Comm is where many Alternative leaning records initially find national exposure.


Gary McDonald
Commercial Alternative
Managing Partner

Geoff Goddard
GM / Managing Partner

Wayne DeSchover
Data and Airplay Analyst

Jerry Steller
Alt Specialty

Zach Glavan
College Radio (US & Canada)

Jesse Stensby
College Radio (US)

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