Strange Loop Promo is a USA-based radio promotion and consulting firm. We work directly with record labels, management companies, and artists, to build and execute radio strategies within North America.

Our primary expertise is the Alternative music genre and we handle the following radio formats: Commercial Alternative, Alternative Specialty, AAA, Non-Commercial (“Non-Comm”), and College Radio.

The current landscape provides few entry points for artists to launch their careers at Commercial Radio, without undertaking a massive, costly campaign. To combat that, we build customized, focused campaigns that allow artists to lay the groundwork at a precise slate of stations who take chances on new music. This calculated, data-driven approach ensures that you target stations who actually have some likelihood of providing airplay in the early stages or a campaign. It also prevents you from paying large sums for a national campaign targeting the full panel before you are even sure radio is receptive to your music.

Many Commercial stations will not even look at a song until an airplay story has been built in other markets. By initially down-playing those stations and approaching our identified panel of more adventurous outlets, we are able to keep the costs diminished for our clients. This allows them to learn what the initial response is from radio prior to committing to a costly full, national campaign. If the early response from radio is positive we work with our clients to hire a larger team to tackle the whole country.

Strange Loop Promo is a partnership between ATC Management, Crystal Math Management and The Frontside Promotions Group.